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This is an ever-changing list that is only meant to give an idea of what may be upcoming.Check your local listings to verify places and dates.

Burnin' Down the Highway and Across the Big Drink, and 'round the Bend and over the Underpass and thru the Tunnel and out the Back Door and through the Alley and across the Park and on the Boat and 'round the Palm Tree and back on the Boat and thru the Casino and over the Water and across the Sand and over the Fence behind the Barn and thru the chicken yard to Hillbilly Heaven and Lucky Super Seven, back to the Flatlands, pack up the Flatlanders, do some laundry, gas up, head west, head east, 95 South to the Steets of Sin, circle back, hop the track, spin the bottle, and dead-head south, down the old plank road, stone broke, riding with the angels on Wheels of Fortune, across the desert, across the desert, across the desert, with a stop at the Oasis,
interupted by a phone beep, warning of warmings, warning of coolings, of droughts and floods, a Tsunami and a Hurricane, a War no one wanted, except Armchair Warriors, voting from the Pulpit, with an exodus to Marfa, to dance in the dust, to dare the Marfa lights, to celebrate the aura, with the souls of the fallen, to Ray's mighty spirit, to Clifford and TJ, Mary Jo and Molly, to DK and Jesse, and Peyton and Curley, Danny, Jo Don, Poodie, Shrake, Bruton and a Thousand Toasts to the Newly Arisen, to the Transformed and Awakened, English Muffin in hand, looking for the Butter, and the Peach Preserves, thanking the very Earth, that gave them birth, with a toast to Stubb for what he said (Everybody got a Mama) and another toast for what he wanted (I Want to Feed the World) and yet another toast to all those who make stuff, from Air, from Mud, from Paint and Bronze and Steel and Wood, from Film and Ice, from Movement and Vibration, and may we learn from them that it is better to Create than to Destroy, better to Help than to Hinder, better to Give than to Receive, better to stop at the Bikini Stop than the Czech Stop unless a Kolache is your deal...